Discover How To Create Influence and Impact as a Powerful Industry Thought Leader...
Without Stress or Overwhelm.
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Dear Thought Leader, Small Business Owner, or Highly Driven Entrepreneur,

Let’s face it – it’s almost impossible to please everyone.

And if you’re a leader, getting people to buy in on your mission can be extremely frustrating.

You must get results. 

And you must motivate your people to achieve those results.

But you’re getting pushback from all directions, and it’s stressing you out.

See if any of these situations ring a bell:
  •  Employees are set in their ways, closed-minded and against any kind of change, and it’s destroying any kind of momentum you may have
  •  You find yourself at odds with people whose main argument is that you’re being emotional and confrontational – even when you have the facts to prove your point.
  •  You’re losing sleep over this, as the conflicts of the day start to take their toll on your home life.
  •  You’re racking your brain trying to come up with ways to be more diplomatic, more persuasive, more influential…but nothing seems to work.
  •  You’re under constant stress and pressure, and it’s starting to impact every part of your life.
If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, then you know that this is no way to work, and it’s certainly no way to achieve your ultimate leadership goals.

Even if it’s not as bad as all of this, even if things overall are going reasonably well, chances are there’s room for improvement.

So let’s take a look at some alternatives: 
What if you could gain more emotional control over workplace situations?

What if you could be more proactive to preventing conflicts, and have greater influence over every relationship?
What if you could have constructive conversations with people who disagree without coming across as disagreeable?

The results would be transformational on many levels.
  •  You’d be able to sell your ideas in such a way that people can actually HEAR what you’re saying.
  •  You’d be more able to lead people from where they are to where you need them to be—without all the pushback.
  •  You’d get to the root of negative behaviors before they can damage valuable relationships.
  •  You’d positively impact employee commitment, decrease absenteeism, reduce costly turnover, and increase productivity.
  •  You’d be less stressed and more eager to make a positive impact in your organization.
With my new program I can help you make all of this happen.

It’s time to…
Uncover the Influential Leader Inside of You
When you know how to build positive relationships it becomes a game changer for your team, increasing productivity and interdepartmental communications while reducing toxic conflicts and expensive turnover and personal stress.

When you possess the keys to authentic, trusting relationships you will have the secret formula for massive influence and success!

And I will reveal it all to YOU in my breakthrough program:

INFLUENTIAL LEADER: Rise to REAL Power in Business & Beyond

  • If you are committed to expanding your influence and making a bigger contribution than you’re currently making...
  •  If you’re ready to have people listen to you, your mission, your feedback, your direction and your instructions with an open mind...
  •  If you’re tired of working hard and not achieving the level of success you deserve...
  •  If you want to start focusing on more important things than infighting, miscommunications and negative attitudes...
  •  If you want to transform your relationships so that you alter the perception of those who can make or break your career or accelerate your business...
...Then this is YOUR time to harness the influential leader hidden within you and rise to REAL Power in business and beyond!
  •  You’ll experience on-demand learning at your convenience with bite-sized training for easy comprehension and consistent progress. 
  •  You’ll learn actionable, step-by-step strategies as we transform complex concepts into simple processes.
  •  You’ll discover The P.O.W.E.R Process™ that will help you unlock your ability to Influence and step into the powerful leader inside that you know is waiting to emerge!
    LIVE Group Training and Q&A Calls With Mary Jane
    Each laser focused live call moves you closer to your goals. 

    Designed to accelerate your learning, these Live Q&A calls give you custom support by Mary Jane so you can:
    •  Keep your momentum going
    •  Brainstorm ways to speed up your success
    •  Get your questions answered
    •  Get support for your specific situation
    GAIN EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the Complete Influential Leader™ System!
    This system includes 5 Comprehensive Modules of Multiple Online Training Lessons to Set You Up for Real Breakthroughs.  

    You'll have on-demand access to:
    •  Detailed lessons
    •  Specific worksheets and PDFs
    •  Proven scripts and templates
    •  Proprietary inventories and quizzes 
    You will have complete 24/7 access so you can apply this system to your business relationships for years to come so you can grow now and far into the future.
    Plus You’ll Get ELITE BONUS GIFTS To Support You on Your Journey
    These high value bonuses contain the exact strategies I use for my own business relationships. 
    You will gain access to the exact system I use to create my own thought leadership approaches. 

    Just imagine what you could do and how far you can go when you have this knowledge at your fingertips!
    Licensing and Large Group Discounts Available
    We'll work with you to determine the best way Influential Leader will work for your corporation, organization or small business. 

    "I’m excited to show you how to become an influential leader by easily following my system! I'm so proud of new people achieving BIG results!"  Mary Jane Mapes

    This is my EXACT formula to create powerful reach and influence
    Nothing is held back. I’m laying out all the strategies, tools and tactics you need to become a force of nature in your relationships, which will enable you to stand apart from the rest of the pack.

    Influential leaders are in short supply. 


    Because most people are resting on their laurels, basking in the status quo, content to take what life hands them.

    Most people will just put up with the stress, take Ambien to get to sleep and put up with whatever conflicts arise every day.

    But you’re different. 

    You’re driven. 

    You’ve paid your dues. 

    You know what you want and you have a passion for going after it with everything you have. And enough is enough.

    This program will help you make it happen.
    Here's What You'll Learn In The Program Modules

    Welcome & Introduction

    This is where we hit the ground running; let’s take a look:
    • You’ll learn what it means to be an “Influential Leader” and what allows you to become influential in the first place.
    •  You’ll find out the hidden benefits enjoyed by truly influential leaders across all industries.
    •  You’ll discover The PIG Perspective – what is it, where it came from, and how to work it to truly transform your business relationships and alter perceptions – even with people you currently struggle working with or who can make or break your career.
    •  You’ll get to know the exclusive 5-Step P.O.W.E.R. Process to Transforming Relationships and Altering Perceptions that serves as the framework to bringing about massive change in the way you communicate and work with people – all leading you to becoming a leader with irresistible influence!

    Module 1:  How to See PIG but Think Bacon

    Steps to Producing Your Relationship Vision
    •  You will discover exactly how Influential Leaders build trusting, authentic relationships able to exercise irresistible Influence, and why it’s critical to your success.
    •  You’ll get the “inside scoop” on the four specific intentions that drive behavior so you can quickly adjust your actions to get in sync effortlessly with others.
    •  You’ll learn the what, why, and how of creating a powerful relationship vision, guaranteed to put you in the driver’s seat to creating the relationship outcomes you desire…and with far less time and effort than you might think."

    Module 2: Reflections in the Feed Trough

    Observing and Altering Beliefs
    •  You’ll get to see just how closely your beliefs stack up against the beliefs and assumptions of people who relate well.
    •  You’ll see where your beliefs came from, how they run your behaviors and impact others, and the mental process required to bring positive change that’s truly transformative.
    •  The ONE BIG mind-shift you can make instantly to maximize your influence, your relationships and your life.
    •  Uncover the ONE powerful habit that can transform you into a healthier, more magnetic person, along with specific strategies that guarantee you win the mental battle daily.

    Module 3: Stepping into the Pen. The Real Message

    How To Take a Giant Step Forward in All Your Interactions
    •  You’ll gain the knowledge and skill that goes to the heart of relationships and the power to transform them.
    •  You’ll be introduced to strategies that will help you take a Giant Step forward in all your interactions. 
    •  You’ll learn about the Rule of Reciprocation and how that plays out in conversations.
    •   You’ll be presented with 6 specific steps to being present with others… exactly what’s required to keep you from hijacking understanding.
    •  You’ll learn exactly what people really want from you, and what’s in it for you to help them get it.
    •   You’ll be ushered into what it REALLY takes to listen with deep understanding and what happens when you do.

    Module 4: Finding Freedom in the Pen

    Learn How To Exercise Self-Awareness
    •  You'll find out what’s REALLY creating your less than magnanimous thoughts, feelings and behaviors…and what, specifically, to do to manage them before they derail you and your interactions.
    •  Experience the power of your PAUSE Button and discover the signs of emotional upset so you can diffuse them before doing damage to an important relationship. 
    •  You'll be introduced to The Arayna Effect and how putting on Your “Cape of Acceptance” activates a Universal Truth, creating an almost “magical affect” that can literally transform any interaction.
    •        This one action alone can put you in a place of real power and insight no matter how difficult the situation might be.
    •  You’ll gain a new understanding of why you and/or your ideas are getting pushback, and how to switch channels and reap the rewards. 
    • Nothing changes until your self-awareness changes. This module will usher in an unprecedented level of self-awareness that you can build on.

    Module 5: Deal with the Squeal - Rooting Out Anger

    How to NOT get Caught Up in the Anger Triangle
    •   You’ll learn how to make your anger work for you instead of against you. 
    •  You’ll learn the three primary underlying fears that trigger anger, how to identify exactly what fear is triggering yours, and productive ways to deal with it.
    •  You’ll get to experience, through example, exactly how anger, a secondary emotion, actually escalates from a primary emotion.
    •  You’ll receive a visual model as a constant reminder of how it all works and how to NOT get caught up in the Anger Triangle.
    •  You’ll see exactly how I used the strategies taught in this program to transform a relationship with a guy I call Milton…. And how taking my own good advice paid off in spades, and why it will for you, too.

    Steve Donatelli, COO
    Braintrust Behavioral Health

    "Through the process of working with Mary Jane Mapes over a relatively short period of time, I have been able to make significant changes in how I lead, becoming much more aware of my intentions, my attitude, and the impact of my behavior on my direct reports. 

    The knowledge and skills Mary Jane taught me have helped me become relatable in the eyes of my staff and my peers. I am much more approachable, and am now seen as a leader, coach and mentor. People seek me out for advice and involvement. Working with Mary Jane has not only made me a much better leader, it’s made it easier for me lead. The stress and anxiety my work used to bring is almost a thing of the past (at my level, you’re never stress free). I have even been able to use my revamped mindset, new knowledge and skills in my personal life to make for a happier family life, too."
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    Plus you'll get these

    Bonus #1 Making a Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear

    How to Give Behavior Feedback to Strengthen Your Relationship

    We live in an ultra-sensitive environment these days, where one wrong turn of a phrase or inflection can destroy years of hard work cultivating important relationships.

    This bonus gift will help you navigate the relationship minefield when giving constructive feedback so everyone benefits.

    Bonus #2: Confronting Your PIG: Making Difficult Easy

    The P.A.R.T.N.E.R. Formula to script out any future confrontations you might have

    Most people fly by the seat of their pants and it shows in the high tension workplaces that create real morale issues.

    This proprietary formula is THE best way to get in front of conflicts before they become full blown disasters.

    Bonus #3: How Politically Astute Are You?

    The Key Questions to an Unstoppable Career

    Once you know these questions—and can frame the right answers--you’ll become a force to be reckoned with in all relationships. 

    This bonus is a must have!
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    Robin Pompey, CEO
    Greater Kalamazoo Association of Realtors

    "Working with Mary Jane Mapes has been the best investment professionally and personally I have made in twenty years. I have read many books over the years that were helpful, but I would not have achieved the success I now have without the direction I received from Mary Jane. 

    She was able to identify behaviors that were holding me back and develop strategies that I could implement immediately with clear results my board was able to observe. If you are interested in making a difference in your career or life, to take you to the next level and its rewards, I would highly recommend working with Mary Jane Mapes." 

    Denise Crawford, CEO 
    Family Health Center of Kalamazoo

    "A year before meeting Mary Jane, I’d been hired to clean up one of our satellite hospitals and its healthcare clinics. Things needed to change fast and the hospital called on me to solve the problems. As usual, I was fueled by the challenge and soon had made remarkable progress. The result of my effort was massive change for the better in all areas. I accomplished what they’d expected and was ready to move on. 

    That’s when I was confronted by a totally unexpected request – that I stay and become Director of Clinics. The climate and service were greatly improved, and the entire operation was much more efficient. However, as you might imagine, my reputation was anything but stellar. People can know that things need to change, but rarely do they appreciate the person who makes immediate changes and enforces those changes. I was not perceived as a team player, but rather someone who was directive and control oriented, and my employee engagement scores reflected it. The COO was confident Mary Jane could help me.

    In less than 9 months with Mary Jane, my employee engagement scores went from 2.19 to 4.35. Mary Jane’s skill is exceptional. She can take you from someone who lacks essential communication and leadership skills to someone who can lead a corporation. I know because she did it with me.  Mary Jane’s coaching and guidance is life-altering." 
    Let's Recap on Everything You'll Get:
    * You’ll receive your log-in and INSTANT access to the easy to use, online program including:
    • The Influential Leader Program: Rise to Real Power in Business & Beyond. The leadership system to help you grow. (Value: $3,997)
    •  Lifetime Access to the Influential Leader Platform with updates ($3,997 Value)
    •  BONUS #1: Making a Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear – How to Give Feedback that Transforms Behavior
    •  BONUS #2: Confronting Your PIG: How to Make the Difficult Easy
    •  BONUS #3: Follow along step by step templates, scripts and PDFs to fast track your success.
    •  BONUS #4: Live Group QA Calls 2x Monthly with Mary Jane
    •  BONUS #5: The P.O.W.E.R. Framework
    •  BONUS #6: Private Facebook Community
    Now it’s decision time.

    Your comfort zone is a dangerous place. It’s where dreams go to die.

    You have higher aspirations and you know all the perks that come with being an Influential Leader.

    It’s more than enhancing relationships. 

    It’s about creating a workplace culture that dramatically shifts everyone around you. 

    It’s about increasing morale, trust, productivity and profitability while reducing conflict, turnover and miscommunications.

    And it’s about YOU, your unique abilities and living up to your full potential.

    This program is your first giant step.

    Let’s do this!
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    What Our Clients Have To Say...
    Steve Donatelli, COO
    "Working with Mary Jane has not only made me a much better leader, it’s made it easier for me lead. The stress and anxiety my work used to bring is almost a thing of the past (at my level, you’re never stress free). I have even been able to use my revamped mindset, new knowledge and skills in my personal life to make for a happier family life, too."
    Denise Crawford, CEO
    "In 9 months, my employee engagement scores went from 2.19 to 4.35.  Mary Jane’s skill is exceptional. She can take you from someone who lacks essential communication and leadership skills to someone who can lead a corporation

    I know because she did it with me.  Mary Jane's coaching and guidance is life altering." 
    Robin Pompey, CEO
    "Working with Mary Jane Mapes has been the best investment professionally and personally I have made in twenty years. I am in this powerful leadership position today because of Mary Jane. 
    She identified behaviors that were holding me back and develop strategies that I implemented immediately with clear results my board was able to observe.  I would highly recommend working with Mary Jane Mapes." .”
    Frequently Asked Questions With Answers from Mary Jane
    A:  Not at all ... Influential Leader: Rise to Real Power in Business & Beyond™ works great for those who have clarity or looking to achieve a greater understanding.

    In fact, our clients often tell us that the feedback and insights they glean from our program completely transforms their business and life.

    A: No pressure, No rush.  The entire course is waiting for you online – RIGHT NOW. 

    That means that all of the modules, training videos, and templates will be accessible the minute you log in to your members area.

    There is a “LIVE” component to the training – 12 LIVE group training calls with me to get your questions answered. All calls are recorded and you can submit your questions ahead of time. 


    Don’t worry. My team will post all of the recordings in our exclusive members group.   Plus, You can also submit your questions in advance.   Whether you are listening live, or you listen to the recordings, you’re gaining access to time-tested insights to achieve success.
    A:  Trust me, I know as a business woman running 2 enterprises and a family life it can get hectic! 

    So the fact is… you DO have time. Everyone has the same amount of time. And the ONE thing you MUST do is make time for your business & career.  The easiest way to do this is with a system that teaches you HOW to become influential, able to get KNOWN as a exceptional leader. 

    And the program includes online training, LIVE coaching calls with me and lots of incredible resources like templates, and more to support your learning. 

    If you redirect even just a couple of hours each week instead of trying to “figure it out,” or investing in activities that aren’t paying off for you, you will have more time to go "All In" with what you are learning about becoming an Influential Leader.

    YES, absolutely.  Once you dig into Influential Leader please reach out to me and my team.  

    I'm here for you and would love to explore how we can work more closely together so I can support you to achieve your goals faster. 
    Meet Mary Jane Mapes
    CEO and Founder of Aligned Leader Institute, LLC. 
    Creator of Influential Leader:
    Rise To Real Power in Business & Beyond.
    Mary Jane’s background and past experience, along with consistently being elevated into positions of leadership, served as the stepping stones to the life of passion and purpose she lives today.

    Mary Jane is founder and president of The Aligned Leader Institute, a leadership development and executive coaching organization. Her experience and expertise in management, leadership, customer service, interpersonal relationships, and personal growth have made her a sought-after keynote speaker, seminar leader, and executive coach.

    In addition, Mary Jane works with professionals who want to design, develop, and deliver winning presentations through her Learn to Speak Like a Professional training program.

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    Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. Please note that refunds are not given for online trainings with immediately downloadable value UNLESS otherwise noted above with a Satisfaction Guarantee. Since you will receive immediate access to the entire curriculum for this program, by submitting this order, you agree to the terms of the program.
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